Name of the Community : Abadeh

Country: IRAN

Number of inhabitants : 98783

Program started year : 2009

International Safe Communities Networ

k Membership: Designation year: 2011

By European Certifying Centre

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Name of leader : Dr. Alireza Tavakkol

Institution : Abadeh Health Network


City : Abadeh Country : IRAN

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Safety Promotion Activities:

Children 0-14 years :

– Identifying prevalent injuries in

this age group through data analysis

Planning and implementing educ

ational program of “prevale

nt injuries-prevention”



– Kindergarten instructors with th

e collaboration of Welfare office.

– School teachers with the collaborati

on of police and Red Crescent Society.

– Mothers having less than 5 -year old children wi

th the collaboration of

Family Health unit.

– Kindergarten children and students with the coll

aboration of Police and

Red Crescent Society.

– Implementing practical programmes

such as: games with the content

of safety, practical education

of traffic regulations in Traffic Park.

– Implementing symbolic programmes such as:

– Kindergarten children’s marc

h for injury-prevention.

-Holding memorial exhibitions for tr

affic injuries victims with the

collaboration of kindergartens.

– Holding “earthquake ma

neuver” at schools.

– Preparing and delivering

“Child Injuries” pamphlets in kindergartens.

– Children’s participation in administrative programmes such as “School’s Police” and “Hamyar-e Police” (Police cooperator).

15-24 Age Groups:

The most prevalent injury within

this age group, based on registered

data, is motorcycle accident.

The priority of educating injury

-prevention issues was given to motorcycle accidents and using

safety helmets.

– Providing and delivering pamphl

ets, leaflets and health mottos about motorcycle injury-prevention for high risk groups.

– Holding educational programmes about traffic regulations for high school and university students, scofflaw motorcyclists, health liaisons and local administrations’ expert liaisons.

– Punishing scofflaw motorcyc

lists and arresting their motorcycles for three months.

– Providing safety helmets for motorcyclists with special discount in order to persuade them to use


– Building motorcycle tracks aimed at motorcyclists’ catharsis.

25-65 years Age Group:

– Educating occupational groups such as workers, farmers, shopkeepers, instructors,

based on prevalent injuries in each group

– Educating health volunteers and planning in order to conveyeducational messages to people by them.

– Holding “safe driving” seminar for different groups according to high incidence of traffic accidents.

– Most injuries in this age group

include trauma, car accident and motorcycle accident, so following activities were being done in order to prevent inju

ries in this age group.

– Providing and delivering different

publications such as pamphlets of “an introduction to safe communities and their targets “, ” safe driving ” and ” safe trip”.

– Holding “safe driving, without injury” seminar.

– Serious follow-up for implementing the mandatory

use of seat belts with the collaboration of Traffic police.

– Implementing symbolic programmes such as:

Mount climbing with the motto of safety.

Designated 2011 as nr. 267. In the International Safe Community succession


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