Baiyun Sub-district Community Web Information

Community Name: Baiyun Sub-district,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City

Country : P.R.CHINA

Community Population: 51173

Program Start Date:10 July 2013

International Safe Communities Network Member ID:

Designation Date:

Name of International Safe Communities Support Center: China Occupational Safety and Health Association(COSHA)

Certifier : Guldbrand Skjönberg

Co-certifier:Lucia Lotrean

Report Website:

Contact Details:

Name: XiaoDong Deng

Organization: Baiyun Sub-district Office,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City


City/ Province: Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province

Country: CHINA


Community Website: http://styleking.21b.chengxinwujinpifa.com

Designated 2015 as nr 354 in the International Safe Community succession


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