Name of the CommunityNeihu Community, Taipei City

Country: Taiwan, Republic of China

Number of inhabitants in the community: 285,767

Safe Community Programme started year: 2002

International Safe Communities Network Membership:

Designation year: 2005, 2010, 2015

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre:

Taiwanese Community Safety Promotion Center

Name of Certifier : Dr. Yoko Shiraishi, Japan

Name of Co-certifier: Dr. Michael Wilson, Finland

Info address on www for the Programme: http://www.safeneihu.org.tw/home

For further information contact:

Name: Ming-Chu Lee

Institution: Neihu Safety and Health Promotion Association

Info address on www for the institution (or community as a whole): http://www.safeneihu.org.tw

Designated 2005 as number 94 in the International Safe Community succession Redesignated 2010, 2015


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