Safe Community Shahekou District No 232

On behalf of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, Department of Public Health

Sciences, Division of Social Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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Shahekou district



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International Safe Communities Network Membership Designation year: December 2010

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Name: Zhang yinghui

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Institution: Dalian shahekou administration bureau of safety working Shahekou District Safe Community Programs cover the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

Children 0-14 years:

Warm Station Program for Street Children Street children are not unique phenomenon of modern society but an unavoidable social problem all over the world with very long historical origins.

The most easily vulnerable type for street children is harm to the body caused by hunger and lack of living material, physical abuse, psychological damage, and delinquency trap. Since 2005, Shahekou District has been engaged in the intervention work of street children’s safety and has built the salvation program group. The main measures are:

Firstly set a “Safety Station” for the street children. In 2006, “Warm Station for Street Children” was set in the residential area, gradually the facilities were constructed and living environment was also optimized. Transformation and renovation of the station’s water, electricity, gas facilities, together with newly purchasing beds, water heaters, computers, dining-tables, school things and chairs, etc., have all been all completed.. These years, more than three hundred street children are relieved.

Secondly, build “Even Heart Bridge” with the street children. Relying on the loving care contribution of the district, depending on the loving care action of the charitable volunteers, Warm Station positively helps the street children. They distribute cards with their own telephone number on it to the street children. As long as these children need help, anybody answers the call will reach the children at the first time, giving them spiritual comforts and care in life. When the street children do something “wrong”, it is the volunteers who guarantee their bail; when the street children catch a cold, have a fever or get cure in hospital because of fight and injury, it is the volunteers who help them generously with money and take care of them for days, making great efforts to lighten the social pressure. It is the volunteers again who instill the safety awareness into the heads of these street children through innumerous propaganda of caring knowledge; what’s more, build a service network for the street children. It is mainly reflected in adopting effective measures to arrange the street children, focusing on “Personnel Entrance”, “Build Station Entrance”, and “Complete Exit” , etc. concerning the salvation, protection and management of the street children. Due to the different reasons and characteristics of the flowing out street children, when arranging these children, we insist on the way that the children’s parents taking them back or the program’s group member escorting them home.

Build a tracking and revisiting system to revisit them on fixed days, enforcing the outcome. For three years, we have insisted organizing manpower to go deeply into the residential place of the returned street children to revisit them regularly. The main measures of revisit are establishing cooperative relationships with the street children’s community, village neighborhood committee, school, family, and civil administration department, knowing the street children and their family conditions by telephone visit, letter visit and tracking on the spot and so on, preventing the children from roaming around again by providing timely and effective aid when they face difficulties. Since the foundation the station, we have helped 48 children return home, 4 to work and 1 to soldier.

Junior Traffic Police School Program With the continuous deepening of quality education, in order to make children to learn traffic laws and traffic safety knowledge deeply, understand the hard work of traffic polices and strengthen their willcharacter. In the initiative of Comrade Han Fangyu, who is the “National Excellent Police”, the Victory

Designated 2011 as nr 231 in the International Safe Community succession


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