Wujiaochang Safe Community

Name of Community: Wujiaochang Sub-district, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Country: China
Number of inhabitants in the community: There were 65,445 households in total, more than 149,000 permanent residents (117,000 registered permanent residents).
Safe Community Programme started: 2007
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2012
Name of the Certifying Centre: Safe Communities Foundation, New Zealand
Application including comments: http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/application_a/wujiaochang.pdf
Application Review Summary: http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/review/wujiaochang_2012.pdf http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/asessment/wujiaochang.pdf

For further information contact:
Xiao Wenbin
Community website: www.shyp.gov.cn

Designated 2014 as nr 346 in the International Safe Community succession 


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