Safe Community Wuxi Taihu Technology Park (Xin’an Sub-district)

Name of the community: Wuxi Taihu Technology Park (Xin’an Sub-district) Country: China
Number of inhabitants in the community: 38,255 (Permanent population)
Safe Community Programme started year: 2010

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2013
Name of the Certifying Centre: Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand www.safecommunities.org.nz/sc/tech
Application: http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/application_a/taihu_technology_park_2013.pdf

For further information contact:

Name: Zhou Mujian
Institution: Wuxi Taihu Technology Park (Xin’an Sub-district) Office

Community Website: http://www.wxxa.gov.cn/

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

Designated 2013 as nr 326 in the International Safe Community succession


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