Xiaoguwei Sub-district ISC Web Information


Name of the Community:
Xiaoguwei Community

Country: China

Number of inhabitants in the community: 170,000 teachers and students, 6,000 residents from 1,800 households and 13,000 migrant people.

Safe Community Programme started year: November 2012

International Safe Communities Network Membership:

Designation year:

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre: China Occupational Safety and Health Association

Name of Certifier: Guldbrand Skjönberg

Name of Co-certifier: Dale Hanson

Info address on www for the Programme:

For further information contact:

Name: LI Haining

Institution: Xiaoguwei Sub-district Office

Municipality/ City: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Info address on www for the institution (or community as a whole):

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Designated 2015 as nr 353 in the International Safe Community succession


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